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If you are a regular group booking or a public event organiser as part of your booking we advertise your business on our website and displaying posters and flyers in The Ark entrance. You would need to supply us with any flyers and posters to do this. 

You may wish to advertise wider, we can offer this service too. 



The Grapevine Magazine is produced monthly with most copies available at various collection points in the village and some are hand delivered. It contains news of local events and activities, church events, forthcoming happenings and special announcements, plus thought-provoking articles and other articles.


The Grapevine is an established feature of village life and is widely read. It is partly funded from advertisements. It is available both printed and online which gives us a wider readership. 


Advertising space is sold varying options, this includes length of time e.g.. one month, six months or 12 months. We also offer differing sizes with black and white and colour options. If this is something you are interested in please do ask at booking, or at any point afterwards. 


Advertisements are not limited to Ark users so do contact us if you wish to advertise other events or services too. 


Please contact Lynda to discuss this service. 

To help you decide why not take a look at our latest edition of Grapevine. Just click on the magazine cover. 

Past editions of Grapevine can be found HERE.


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